Happy New Year! I feel like I haven’t blogged for ages when it’s only actually been two weeks. This Christmas break i’ve been trying to limit the amount of time I spend on Social Media/my blog when around Zac, family and friends to feel more present and appreciative of what’s going on around me.
I’ve been so lucky to be off for just over two weeks. I’ve been feeling really grateful to have free time to spend time at home, with time to plan out and cook meals properly, work out without any time limitations and start to put together ideas and inspo for our next house (my main goal for 2018) which has left us scrolling Pinterest like we’re basic and I’ve absolutely loved it. We’ve started collecting new furniture in our spare room and we’re hoping to up cycle some furniture at the weekend so hopefully i’ll have some pictures of those soon!
One of the things i’ve enjoyed most about being off is being able to exercise while it’s still light outside(!!). It doesn’t sound like a massive deal but when it’s dark outside my body just seems to want to be in hibernation mode and doesn’t want to move. To combat this for when I go back to work i’ve been trying to stock up on all the vitamin D that I miss out on from the lack of sunny days – i’ve been doing this through eating/drinking foods rich in vitamin D such as fresh orange juice, almond milk and tofu. I’ve also been trying to stock up on other foods which can mimic the sun by causing our bodies to produce serotonin, such as tomatoes, bananas and olive oil. This has been bizarre for me because at one point I was terrified of tomatoes but i’ve become absolutely obsessed this year, i’m guessing this is just a sign that the body knows what it needs! Also, i’d been going jogging at 5:30am in the dark to squeeze a jog in before work but I realised that this was probably a bit dangerous and not really worth it so we bought an exercise bike instead.

For the past year, i’ve been trying to write out exercise routines for myself to stick to on a weekly basis – and as much as I feel that that’s a really good way to get yourself organised when you’re first starting out, it seemed to stop working for me as I would get to the day that i’d planned and dread what i’d set out for myself days before. While i’ve been off i’ve been trying to have a more intuitive approach to working out which has helped me feel a bit more free. It’s been great thinking about what I actually feel like doing before I do it so that it doesn’t feel forced meaning when I feel like doing yoga, I do yoga or when I feel like doing a more cardio based work out I can do that instead, planning out the exercises and reps quickly before I start rather than a few days in advance.
I think in terms of my personal goals for 2018, i’d like to blog consistently through out the year, work out daily if possible and save more money – what are yours?
I thought i’d dedicate a section of this blog to Veganuary and those people wanting to give it a try. I’ve seen a lot of blogs and Pinterest posts with Vegan recipes for Veganuary recently and although that’s amazing and helpful, I felt that sometimes those can make it seem daunting especially for those who’re like how I was a few years ago… aka terrified of all veg, a complete novice and in the kitchen and a total junk food addict. I thought i’d highlight some of the really useful things to buy in when you’re first transitioning to a plant based diet if you’re finding it difficult or daunting making the change. If it’s easy and accessible you’re more likely to stick to it!

1. Frozen falafels! These can be bought from most supermarkets in the UK – Tesco do great sweet potato ones and Cauldron UK also sell a variety of flavours (Their Moroccan spiced ones are amazing). They’re a great addition to a lunch box or simply served in a wrap or with chips for a simple dinner.
2. THE ENTIRE LINDA MCCARTNEY RANGE; I cannot stress this enough. This range is available in most good UK supermarkets and covers; pies, sausages, Sunday roast, burgers, sausage rolls – it’s brilliant. I remember at one point literally living on their pies and I have no regrets.
3. Quorn has a Vegan range – if you’re missing chicken fillets or chicken based freezer food (don’t worry, that feeling will pass) Quorn’s 5 Grain Fillet is great and full of protein and fibre. Quorn have also recently started doing vegan burgers.
4. An absolute staple of my diet is potatoes. I am the sort of person that will have chips with a side of mashed potato and if you’re struggling with a transition onto a vegan diet, potato will become your BFF, I promise #potatohasyourback. On your first Vegan food shop, load up that trolley with backing potatoes for chips, baked potatoes, roasties and more.
5. Again with the carbs, most dried pastas and their sauces are SFV – just avoid anything creamy!
Really hope this helps, no matter your reasons for doing Veganuary – whether it’s for the animals, your health or both, good luck! Let me know how you get on!

By Sophie
Wilfreds Cruelty Free – http://wilfredscrueltyfree.wordpress.com/

Instagram – @sophieclaudiaj

Twitter – @wilfredsCF




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