So it is now day three and I am happy to say that, being raw for a portion of the day is pretty enjoyable. I am not sure if I could do this every day, I am actually not sure how one could manage to be entirely raw at this point in time, it feels impossible. However, just eating one cooked meal a day is definitely enough, that is if you are willing to actually cook. The downside to eating raw is that you get so used to the convenience, that when it comes time for you to cook a meal, it feels like a chore. I am finding myself reaching for easy and very unhealthy meals so as not to waste time cooking.  This is really counteracting my actual progress when it comes to health, I am consuming lots of fresh delicious nutritious raw fruits and vegetables, only to binge on high-calorie meals later. At this moment in time I am unable to create the amazing raw vegan meals others can, like this:

I want to emphasise that I am not overeating after 4pm because I am starving beforehand. At the moment I would say I am easily hitting between 800-1000 calories of raw food before 4pm. For example today I ate 2 raw chocolate oat bars, 3 pears, 2 oranges, a whole packet of red grapes and half a large cucumber before 4pm. I also had a cup of black tea, which I assume is allowed? Overall I ate quite a lot before my cooked meal, but my cooked meal was a lot of garlic bread that I just threw in the oven. It really did counteract how good I felt eating before then, the energy and lightness, now completely overshadowed by the heavy white bread. I really regretted it as soon as I finished and wished I could go back and just have continued to have eaten raw for the rest of the day. I am thinking of being raw maybe in the week and then eating cooked food after 4 on the weekends, maybe next week I will give this a try?

It is a lot easier to eat cooked on the weekends, that is the only time I really go out to eat or have anyone around for food, the rest of the week I have complete control over my diet and eating out raw seems extremely difficult to do, being vegan in restaurants is hard enough. Now it is just a question of balancing my food with my money, fruit and veg is more expensive when you can’t cook it. Usually, I steam my vegetables and then keep the batch for a few days, and I am a huge fan of potatoes like everyone else. I do not like them enough to eat them raw though, so right now my diet is mostly consisting of fruit which does not stay fresh for more than 5 or so days. Therefore, if I buy a large quantity I get worried that it shall turn rotten and therefore be a waste of money. Moreover, I also wish to eat raw more often for weight loss, I definitely need to lose some weight and I know that if I stick to raw food it will be a game-changer when it comes to my body. Consistency is key and right now I am happy to gorge on all the fruit and vegetables I want, but controlling my binge eating after 4pm is already proving to be difficult, I would much rather not be given the option to eat whatever cooked food I want. Instead after 4pm I would like to treat myself to raw bars, they come in so many delicious and different flavours, many can really taste like a dessert. I am looking at you Nakd. After this week is over, I will, of course, check back in and let you guys know if I still like eating raw, but right now on the 3rd day I can honestly say, I am starting to prefer the feeling and taste of eating food as it was intended to be consumed. Who doesn’t like health fast food?


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