I recently turned 21, and with this new milestone came a lot of cake, pizza, ice-cream and stomach pains. After 3 days of solely eating leftovers and BBQ Pringles, I knew it was time to clean up my diet and start feeling better. When I return to clean eating I always like to try something new, this time I thought that I would finally hop on the raw vegan train and not only detox my body but also my mind. I am awaiting the day it cures my depression, in the meantime this lifestyle will only sustain me until 4 each day. I have too many frozen falafels, a loaf of bread and some boiled potatoes to get through and I hate to waste good food. I decided when I woke up this morning to get food shopping and see what raw food I could buy, and unsurprisingly I spent the entire trip in the fruit and veg aisle. Buying raw food is pretty difficult when you enjoy steaming most of your veg, I am also not a huge fan of eating fruit regularly. However, this is a challenge for a reason and I wanted to take this week seriously! I grabbed everything I knew I enjoyed and headed back to my apartment feeling very optimistic.

Luckily for me, I already had raw vegan bars (cocoa and hazelnut oats), given to me by my grandmother, in my kitchen and so dug into one of those for breakfast at around 8am. By about 11am I was already hungry yet again and decided to make a fruit salad, consisting of pears, red grapes and honeydew melon. I was surprised by how large the bowl was and as I dug in, I savoured these foods I had not enjoyed in some years. When it comes to fruit, bananas and apples are the only two I consistently eat, how typical, revisiting fruit I love was enjoyable and I felt a big kick of energy after eating. However, about an hour later and I was hungry yet again and already missing cooked food, my soul desired mashed potatoes but instead I reached for some beetroot juice, thinking that maybe I was just thirsty. This brand was entirely pressed beetroot juice and water, it was also the most expensive thing I bought, and it was god awful! I held my nose and downed a small glass, the taste would not shift from my mouth for about 15 minutes and I quickly cut up a green apple and quickly swallowed each piece trying to get get the taste out of my mouth. I then scoffed another raw bar while I was at it so my mouth tasted like delicious chocolate instead, much nicer.

It is a bizarre feeling, to be hungry and yet eating so much. I would usually say this was because of my period, but it instead felt as though my body was actually processing the food so fast that the calories were actually being used. Rather than simply festering in my rather large stomach. When 4 o’clock rocked around I was so excited to eat something cooked, I decided that as a treat I would have pita, cooked falafel, houmous, gherkins, onions, cabbage, tomatoes and cucumber. Of course, it was completely delicious but I purposefully chose a meal with a lot of raw vegetables so that the suffering I had experienced before 4 was worth it. I realised after I had stuffed my face that I had definitely been undereating all day, my portions should have at least been doubled. The calories were too low and it was making me feel as though the raw food was the issue, rather than simply the quantity of food I was consuming.

This is simply a lesson to be learned though, I am sure many raw vegans are in the same situation when they first transition, I don’t believe I will be able to eat 50 bananas and 100 watermelons a day like some well known raw foodists, however, for this week, I am going to try my damn best to not only eat enough but also cut down on cooked food, yes, even after 4. If you are thinking of starting Raw Till 4, even if it just for a few days or a week like myself, check out the Youtuber @rachaelxss, she is also on twitter under the same name. Her videos can be very helpful and laidback when it comes to raw grocery shopping:

I hope that tomorrow is more successful, I am definitely going to have a large breakfast and keep you all updated, for now, I shall be having a cheeky satsuma before bed!


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